Social Justice is an important part of our church and our history. We participate in many events throughout the year where you can be of service.

One of the great ways to start is to attend the Social Justice Committee meeting. Also, you can check our calendar for any upcoming opportunities.

We support several local organizations, including AIDS Services Foundation, AIDS Walk of Orange County, CLUE, OCCORD, OCCO, Los Amigos of Anaheim, and PICO.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee (SJC) consists of at least five members elected at a congregational meeting. Members serve two-year terms and may be re-elected. Other persons may serve on the committee as non-voting members. The SJC keeps informed of events and issues of concern to religious liberals and encourages the study of such issues by church members. It informs the membership of needs and opportunities for social action and makes recommendations of ways and means to achieve effective action. The SJC sponsors the Saturday Afternoon Forum and the Social Justice Book Club.

Currently, the committee is discussing nuclear energy, immigration, and homelessness. The committee decides how to take action in these and other areas and how funds should be disbursed. Committee members also decide on speakers to invite to upcoming Saturday Afternoon Forum programs. The committee meets the first Sunday of every month, following service.

Time: First Sunday of every month at 12:30 p.m.

Time: Second Sunday of every month at 12:30 p.m.

Time: Usually the second Saturday of each month at 2:00 p.m.

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