Church Governance

Unitarian Universalist Churches are governed by what is known as the “Congregational Model.” Essentially, this means that all power in the church is held by congregation members themselves, and not by the minister or church hierarchy. The UUCA holds a minimum of two congregational meetings per year at which church members exercise their voting rights in critical church matters.

Members of the congregation elect a Board of Trustees to conduct church business. The Board meets nearly every month. There is also a comprehensive committee structure to manage church activities in the areas of worship, finance, membership, social justice, religious education, by-laws review, board and committee nominations, and other areas as needed.  

To learn more about church governance at UUCA, please refer to our By-Laws.

The UUCA is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation, established under California law. 

National Governance

The UUCA is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), an assembly of over 1,000 UU churches throughout the world.

Current Board of Trustees Members

Name Title Term
Gerri McNenny
President 2021-2023
Mary Chittenden Vice President 2020-2022
Neal Hartsough Treasurer 2020-2022
Gary Sjogren Secretary 2020-2022
Mark EricksonTrustee2020-2022
Blake Goss Trustee 2021-2023
Stephen Lopez
Janell Mort
Mary Oster
Trustee 2021-2023
Words About Music: 

Music is an important part of our celebration and I'm happy  that we have such a friendly and talented pool of singers and musicians right here in our own congregation that are so willing to share their talents.

 - David, Cameron & Brianna