June 24: Summer Solstice
Speaker: Gabriella Castro
Come celebrate the Summer Solstice with Gabriella Castro as she leads us in a Pagan ritual honoring Mother Nature. The sun has reached its apex in it’s year long journey across the sky; it’s a time of abundance of light, long days and summer heat (depending upon the hemisphere in which you live). This astronomical phenomenon has physical, metaphoric, and spiritual significance which we will explore and celebrate together.  By the way, have you noticed the sunflower seeds at the entrance to the building? We planted these at the Spring Equinox service we shared with Gabriella a few months ago—perhaps they’ll be in bloom for the Summer Solstice service!
Worship Leader: Bob Cerince

July 1: "Patriotism and Our Fifth Principle"
Speaker: Karen Stoyanoff
Worship Leader: Bob Cerince