October 14: ". . . but it rhymes"
Karen Stoyanoff
Is it true that we must learn from the past so that we don’t have to repeat our previous mistakes? Let’s explore that subject together.
Worship leader: Mark Erickson

October 21: "Unity Beyond Heterogeneity"
Karen Stoyanoff
We live in a world that is filled with people who are different from one another. Often we find ourselves at odds with another group’s ideas and understanding, while we feel connection to those who understand the world in the same way we do. How can we find unity that crosses the barriers of difference.? In a world that has grown small with mass communication that traverses the world in milli-seconds? How can we find common ground and explore differences in ways that bring us together instead of separating us?
Worship leader: Stephen Lopez

Celebration Luncheon - Sunday, October 21
Luncheon will immediately follow the service, instead of our regular pot luck. The main dish will be catered, but please bring your favorite side dish or dessert. A vegetarian meal will also be available. This will be the kickoff for this year's pledge drive, but don't expect long-winded speeches. Pledge forms will be available, but you are not required to submit one. Pledges are one of the important inputs we need to prepare a budget for 2019.

October 28: "Ending Homelessness!" 
Speakers: Dr. David Snow and
Karen Stoyanoff
We have been struggling, as a society to end homelessness for decades. There is a feasible, solution that is cost effective! We will have a special presentation by an expert on the question help us to understand both the problem and the solution.
Worship leader:  Linda Lehnkering