February 17: Protecting the rights of people living in OC emergency shelters
Speaker: Eve Garrow, ACLU SoCal
People turn to emergency shelters to escape the punishing experience of living outdoors. But too often, they find that shelters are not safe either, putting them in the impossible position of choosing between the hazards of shelter living and the dangers of the streets. Eve Garrow will discuss the findings from a year-long investigation of county-funded emergency shelters, along with recommendations to hold all shelters to high standards.
Worship Associate: Linda Lehnkering
Board Member in Charge: Mary Chittenden

February 24: "The Dream Was About Love"
Speaker: John Bloom-Ramirez
The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a strong advocate for nonviolent solutions met with love and grace. This is incredibly important to remember in these trying times.
Worship Associate: David
Board Member in Charge: Janell Mort

March  3: Social Justice Program
Speaker: Bill Norman
Worship Associate: Mark Erickson
Board Member in Charge