October 13: "LGBT Issues"
Speaker: Laura Kantor
Laura is a past Director of "The Center" in Santa Ana.
Worship Associate: Linda Lehnkering

Board Member in Charge: Blake Goss

October 20: Topic To Be Announced
Speaker: Rev. James Ford
Worship associate: David Chittenden
Board Member in Charge: Katie Bodnar

October 27: “Costumes and Masks”
Speaker: John Bloom-Ramirez
We all wear costumes in our daily lives – a lab coat, a uniform, a three-piece suit, etc.  With those costumes, we wear a mask that matches the occasion.  What happens if the mask and costume don’t match, or if we wear them so much that becomes our identity?
Worship associate: Katie Bodnar
Board Member in Charge: Janell Mort