August 19: "Urantia Update!"
Speakers: Mark Erickson, Ron Greenfield, Wayne Pettit
The Urantia Book claims itself to be the planet's 5th Epochal Revelation..Mark has been a serious reader and student of the book for 11 years.  Ron & Wayne have been reading and studying it regularly for 3 years.  The book has had a remarkable and wonderful influence on us and on our relationship.  We hope to showcase things about the book and relate them to things about the Unitarian Universalist religion. And we plan to offer a few personal comments about the 'state of our union'.

August 26: "Meritocracy, Equality, and How We Become Prejudiced"
Karen Stoyanoff
Most of us here were raised in a meritocracy although most of us believe our society should be based on some form of equality, but these two are often mutually exclusive. Looking at how we can understand this situation is a great lead in to how people end up with prejudice.
Worship leader:

September 2: "Humanism and the Evolution of Moral Values"
Speaker: Peter Anderson
Peter will present the basic ideas of Humanism and discuss cultural evolution and the evolution of moral values from the selfish gene to reciprocal altruism and the Golden Rule. He serves as President of the Humanist Association of Orange County.
Worship leader: Gary Sjogren