March 26: Turn and Face the Strange”
By: Jennifer Channin
As we go through the ch-ch-ch-changes of our lives, there can be a sense of loss for the parts of ourselves that we had to leave behind in order to pursue new adventures. Here's what I've learned from my "icon of cool" about facing--and embracing--the strange at every age. As you might have figured out, the sermon references David Bowie.
Worship leader: Iasu Gorfu

April 2: “April Fools
By: Karen Stoyanoff
In the dictionary, a fool is defined as someone with poor judgment, who is easily duped, or who “clowns” around. We celebrate "April Fools” day which is a time when we try to trick one another into believing something ridiculous. But in religions there is a rich tradition of prophets and saints who were considered “fools”. What heritage might we take from them that would be worthy of our attention in the 21st century?
Worship leader:
Phoebe Amos

April 9: Some Unique Features of The Urantia Book
By: Mark Erickson
The best kept secret about The Urantia Book is that only about a third of its contents deals with religion and/or spirituality. The other two thirds of the book is evenly divided between philosophy and science – a perfect mix, we think, for a relevant, post-modern revelation! This Palm Sunday Mark & Wayne & Ron would like to highlight some of these other less celebrated features of The Urantia Book and explain how they relate to the Lentin Season.