Share the Plate - Local Charities Which We Help

Share the Plate is part of our service offering the 3rd Sunday of every month as part of our Economic Justice Ministry. We will share half the money collected - pledges excepted - with a local charity.

Mercy House

Mercy House operates the cold weather shelters (open in winter) and will operate the year round shelter in Anaheim that many of us lobbied to get approved.

Grandma's House of Hope

One of this local charity's programs is transitional housing for women, as explained on their website:

"In Orange County, to rent a one-bedroom apartment while earning minimum wage, you would need to work 131 hours per week. Coupled with the fact that the unemployment rate is at an all-time high, housing is a bigger issue than ever for Orange County residents. Add to this a unique challenge such as breast cancer, severe physical or mental illness, or being a victim of domestic violence or human trafficking. Few programs offer special services for these groups, including seniors living independently but beyond a working age. Grandma’s House of Hope emphasizes services for these uniquely challenged women.

The women who come to us are given a safe place to rest their heads and heal their hearts. They are provided with case management; group and individual counseling; wardrobe assistance; referrals to specialized health services; access to our Hope Works! workforce development program; love, support, and community.

Our residents come to our program from a variety of circumstances, in need of supportive care in a stable environment as they transition to their next step. We also are known for working with women who are currently in the reunification process with their children. Believing it is a privilege to serve others; women in our program learn to reach out to the community that has helped them and give back with their time and talents. The ultimate goal of GHH is to offer a loving environment to instill hope for a stable life and heal their original hurt to achieve self-sufficiency."