UU's Join National Day of Protest

On Wednesday, October 22, our UUCA Social Justice Committee sponsored a peaceful demonstration to protest police abuse. The Chair of the Committee, Quin Boyce, printed a lovely announcement and put the event on Facebook.

Several UUCA members showed up along with a few members of the community. Members present were Judy Demesse, Iasu Gorfu, Linda Lehnkering, Henry Byrd, Rycharde Powell, and Ruth and Ted Shapin. Michael Daro, Ted's assistant, was also present, . We stood on Harbor Blvd. outside the Church with a variety of signs, for example: “Know Justice, Know Peace; “ Honk if you support civilian police oversight” (many drivers honked); “Stop Police Abuse,” and “Standing on the Side of Love.”

The demonstration was scheduled from 5:30 P.M.. To 6:30 P.M. Later the demonstrators moved to Santa Ana Street across the street from the Anaheim Police Department, but there was no response from the police. It felt good to be holding up our UU principle of Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations.

By Ruth Shapin, member of the Social Justice Committee


The Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice, a joint venture of the UUA and the UUSC, has service and educational opportunities for youth, college students, and adults:
  • Experiential Learning Journeys: Our transformative journeys to Haiti, Mexico, India, and several U.S. locations will introduce you and your congregation to the justice work of UUA and UUSC partners, and help you make the connection to struggles in your own community.
  • Youth Justice Training: We’re adding new trainings each year! Our high school youth gain inspiration through a terrific combination of justice theory and hands-on experience with our partners. This summer we’ll be in Boston, New Orleans, and Seattle, with a daylong intro session at UUA General Assembly in Providence.
  • Global Justice Internships: College-age young adults get powerful, summer-long placements with UUA and UUSC partners around the world and receive lots of support for faith development and vocational discernment. We’ll place 20 young-adult interns this summer! 
A Long Time UU.

"As an active UU for 53 years, I was so very pleased to see and listen to so many talented leaders at the Anaheim UU Church. Dr. Karen Stoyanoff, Minister, President Edward Dunvan, Iasu Gorfu, and David Diiorio. These key people are the heart of a growing church. It has been a pleasure to know and work with them."

- Richard