Anaheim Zen Sangha

Mar 12, 2020
Subject: Regarding the zen group

Dear ones,
Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus and requests from government agencies that make gatherings difficult, our leadership council for the Anahim Zen sangha has decided it is best to cancel our in-face gatherings for the rest of the month.
So, to be precise: There will be no Tuesday evening or Saturday morning sittings at the Anaheim Zen Sangha until Saturday, April 4th when we hope to resume our regular schedule. We are exploring alternative activities for the rest of the month.
As a start this coming Saturday, the 14th of March, I will be giving a dharma talk via Facebook live streaming at 10am.

Many bows,
James Myoun Ford
Guiding teacher
Empty Moon Zen Sangha

stone figures
We are happy to announce the Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim and the Empty Moon Zen Network will be co-sponsoring a new Zen practice community that will be meeting at our Anaheim church starting in April, 2019.

Reverend James Myoun Ford is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest and a Unitarian Universalist minister. He has written five books on Zen, the most recent Introduction to Zen Koans: Learning the Language of Dragons, available from Wisdom Publications. He serves as minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim and as resident priest & teacher at the Anaheim Zen Sangha.

There is no charge for any of these offerings, although there will be an opportunity to make a free will offering in support of the programming. Refreshments will be offered.

Tuesday evenings
We will not be meeting for zazen on Tuesday evening, New Year's Eve. However, we are invited to join with the Long Beach Buddhist Church's Zen sangha on the 31st of December for a New Year's Eve Joya No Kane (Ringing in the New Year) celebration. Starting at 4pm will have open zazen. That is come as you can. Sit for what part you can. At 6pm we will have a traditional Zen Buddhist New Year's Eve service featuring chanting of the Heart Sutra (in Sino-Japanese) and the revolving of scriptures. Following this all present will help in ringing the great densho bell one hundred and eight times to ring in the New Year. At 7pm we will have a pot luck dinner, featuring Toshikoshi soba noodle soup. Eating these extra long noodles symbolize good luck for the coming year. All are welcome. Join us for what parts you can. And, if you can bring a dish that's great. If you cannot, come anyway!

Saturdays at 9:00am: Zen meditation and traditional Soto Zen liturgy
Two twenty-five minute periods of Zen meditation, followed by liturgy in the Soto Zen tradition and then refreshments. At 10:15am most Saturdays there will be a Dharma talk or other additional programming. Roughly once a month there will be a full day Zen meditation retreat on Saturday.

For more information about the Zen groups, please go to: http://www.emptymoonzen.org