Anaheim Zen Sangha

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We are happy to announce the Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim and the Empty Moon Zen Network will be co-sponsoring a new Zen practice community that will be meeting at our Anaheim church starting in April, 2019.

There is no charge for any of these offerings, although there will be an opportunity to make a free will offering in support of the programming. Refreshments will be offered.

Saturdays, starting the 6th of April
9:00am An Introduction to Zen Practices. Learn or revisit the basics of Zen meditation. We will talk about posture, breath, and where to “put your mind.” We will also introduce the forms of a Zen group. This class will be led by Jan Seymour-Ford, Chris Hoff, and James Myoun Ford.

10:00am First Saturday. Today’s talk will be “Your Moment of Zen” by Reverend 
James Myoun Ford. Reverend James will explore the word “Zen” and what it might mean as a touchstone for our lives. Music by Tom Bowman.

On subsequent weeks the schedule will shift from this first gathering, starting at 9am with two twenty-five minute periods of Zen meditation, followed by liturgy in the Soto Zen tradition. Then, at 10:30am most Saturdays there will be additional programming. Roughly once a month there will be a full day Zen meditation retreat on Saturday.

Saturday, April 13
9:00am Zazen & liturgy
10:30 class: An Introduction to Soto Zen Liturgy
led by the Reverend Seigaku Devin Amato. This class will provide a lightning overview of the basics of Zen liturgy within the Soto tradition. Reverend Seigaku Amato is an artist and Zen priest. He has a book forthcoming from Wisdom Publications describing traditional Zen training in North America. He is currently head of practice for the Zen monastic group at the Long Beach Buddhist Church.

Saturday, 20 April
9:00am Zazen & liturgy
10:30am class: Zen & The Environmental Crisis - Tom Bowman

In this crossroads moment, the futures of humanity and the myriad species sharing this world are vividly inseparable. Urgent, and some would say impossibly complex, both the challenges and solutions can actually be unlocked by a few, straightforward insights. Zen practice helps us see more clearly and act more appropriately in the present moment. The environmental crisis, meanwhile, can bring a clarity of purpose that connects our lives inside and outside the meditation hall.

Tom Bowman combines expertise in social ethics and environmental communications with a lifelong exploration of spiritual practice. He helps science institutions and federal agencies translate research on health and environmental issues for the public, and he has received numerous green business awards. Author of The Green Edge, he has appeared in Time, the New York Times, NPR, CNN and other leading media outlets.

Tuesdays, starting on the 9th of April
7:00pm: Zazen.
The evening begins with a brief liturgy following the patterns of the Diamond Sangha Zen tradition, and two twenty-five minute Zen meditation periods. Dokusan, private spiritual direction interviews will be offered most Tuesdays, usually either by Senior Dharma Teacher Jan Seymour-Ford or Reverend James Ishmael Ford. We begin the program promptly at 7pm. If you need a brief orientation to Zen meditation please arrive fifteen minutes early.

For more information about the Zen groups, please go to: http://www.emptymoonzen.org