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October 2016

posted Oct 4, 2016, 9:46 PM by G_ Shogie   [ updated Oct 4, 2016, 11:58 PM ]
Last month I pointed out that September always feels to me like time to get back to work, so I wasn’t surprised to realize that the celebration at the end of October feels like a timely break from diligence and routine! We all need to pace ourselves and recognize the value of “time out” from whatever is routine. So whether you treat the end of October/beginning of November as holidays or holy days, I hope you will find a respite in them.

For those of us that celebrate Halloween as a great time to indulge a fantasy and dress up as some beloved [or scary] character, the respite is a welcome way to take time from our routine to be frivolous. Too much hard work, with no option for fantasy, creativity, and fun will eventually have a telling effect on our outlook on life! And who doesn’t want to take just a few minutes to play at being some kind of super hero or villain? For those who celebrate “all saints” or “dia de los muertos”or Samhain, the break from routine couples with a time of remembrance and some deep introspection that helps to fuel the work to come. In either case they provide liminal time that might just make life better or, at least, allow us to reignite our passions for the things in life we have committed to.

I wish you all a happy, productive, fulfilling Fall, with enough joy to inspire your spirit.

In the meantime, may you Go shining, Karen