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January 2016

posted Jan 4, 2016, 9:42 PM by Anaheim UU Church
“Welcome to the land of beginning again” is the opening line of one of my favorite UU “calls to Worship.” Of course we can ‘begin again’ at any time of year, but it seems particularly appropriate right now at the very beginning of 2016! As the calendar starts anew we too can make changes that we’d like to in our lives, do a reassessment to see what’s working well and we want to keep, and commit to new, worthy efforts [both personal and societal]. 

For me it’s exciting to know that there is important work to be done. We did accomplish good things in 2015, so we know we can succeed if we put our shoulder to the wheel and push. I’m still basking in the warmth of knowing that the Year Round Emergency Shelter and Multi-Purpose Center in Anaheim will be moving forward, but as I said when I made comments at the Orange County Board of Supervisor’s meeting, “it’s only a drop in the bucket - there’s more to be done.” I’m looking forward to working on whatever the next step turns out to be! 

So my new year’s wish for you is that you find joy in meaningful tasks, that you know work that is important, that you also cut yourself some slack both in terms of perfectionism and leisure. And, perhaps most of all, that we find work together that can “bend the moral arc of the universe towards justice.” 

May your life be shining with joy and purpose!