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Feb., 2013

posted Feb 4, 2013, 4:22 PM by Zuzana Nash   [ updated Mar 1, 2013, 9:33 PM ]
I'm off to see the Wizard! -- as I write this. And, actually, by the time you read this, I'll probably be back home from seeing the wizard already. Every two years, the UU Ministers Association holds a 5 day Institute in some wonderful setting [last time it was Monterey, CA, this time it's St. Petersburg, FL!] during which over 500 Unitarian Universalist ministers gather to study, learn, worship, and joyfully celebrate. I've signed up for a seminar entitled "Dancing on the Edge of Meaning" with Dr. Mark Hicks a Professor at Meadville Lombard, my seminary! I expect to come back to Southern California chock full of new ideas and ready to invite you all to "move" into the future with gusto. Don't worry -- you'll only have to dance literally if you really want to, but at least figuratively I imagine we can all dance a little bit. We have exciting times ahead of us at UUCA!

The subtitle of Dr. Hicks' seminar is "Religious Leadership for a Multi-Racial, Multicultural and Theologically Diverse World," something I know we pride ourselves on at UUCA. The problem is that it's much easier to claim we are multi-'all of the above', than it is to live it. We struggle with the tensions that naturally grow out of understanding one another's culture on a daily basis and while our intentions are always to be positive, we find ourselves making assumptions, misunderstanding, and just plain overlooking the discomforts of others on occasions. We need to be humble about our own pro pen city to do this. We need to speak up when someone does it to us. And, most of all, we need to forgive each other and ourselves, when we've cleared the air.

No one has ever said that living in a multi-racial, multicultural, and theologically diverse world is easy. At least no one who's ever done it has! But, oh is it ever worth it! The rich tapestry that is UUCA proves that to us over and over again. We have so much to offer each other because of the diversity we bring together when we gather as a community and when we venture out into the community that surrounds us in Anaheim. I'm so glad to be part of it all!

In the meantime, may you
   Go shining, Karen