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Dec., 2012

posted Feb 4, 2013, 4:21 PM by Zuzana Nash
Our Unitarian and Universalist roots grow out of the Judeo Christian tradition. For many of us this is the most difficult of the world’s great religious wisdom to learn from. In any UU congregation there will be people in the Sunday morning gathering who left a former religious group feeling they had been wounded by their experience and there will be others who simply no loner believe what they were taught as they were growing up. As a result they don’t want to hear about this great tradition or the wisdom it has to offer. Unfortunately that is truly a case of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” and we lose, not only a sense of our own history, but also an opportunity to experience much of the richness of the Western World of which we are a part. So for the month of December we will be focusing on the wisdom of the Bible — both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament — looking at stories found within and what they might have to say to us in our 21st Century Unitarian Universalist inclusive community.

I think you may be surprised. I hope you will be delighted. And I will do my very best to keep you intrigued! Your task is to join in with an open mind, to explore some age old wisdom, and to decide for yourself if there is a lesson you might wish to keep.

And, in the middle of the month — in the midst of all the rushing around, all the frantic preparations, all the “getting and spending” — please take a few hours to join David, Sharon, Jason, and me as we offer you a chance to relax and celebrate the December holidays in the very center of our beloved community. It’s our gift to you! Details in the newsletter, on the website, and the inset on Sunday, as well as in the email blast!