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August 2016

posted Aug 15, 2016, 4:17 PM by Anaheim UU Church
We are in what was called “the dog days of summer” when I was growing up. As I thought about this a couple of days ago, I realized that I should look it up since I don’t know that I ever heard an official definition of the term. What I found first was actually what I suspected: the dog days of August refer to the hottest, most uncomfortable part of the summer. That definition was followed by two others though that were new to me. First it also designates the time when Sirius, the dog star in the constellation Canis Major is rising. Evidently the correlation between Canis Major rising and hot, sultry weather occurs in enough areas of the Northern Hemisphere that it is accepted as true. And the final definition is that the term was publicized by American ballparks to boost sales of tickets to mid-afternoon games during August.

What I remember that is not included in any of the definitions, at least not specifically, is the feelings of laziness that accompanied the heat. Couple that with the fact that during my school years, by August I’d worn out the joy of not having anything to do [freedom!] and basically, I was bored. Boredom can be a good thing - it induces creativity, deep thought, and introspection as an antidote. All of those are worthy pursuits. To say nothing of the idea that sometimes we need a fallow time to regroup, restore our energy, and gear up for the busy Fall ahead!

My wish for all of you during these dog days is that you may have blessed rest, fruitful introspection, useful deep thought, and efficient recharging of your battery. Come Fall, there will be plenty of work to be done!

In the meantime, may you                        
Go shining, Karen