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April 2014

posted Apr 4, 2014, 4:11 PM by Mona Meyer
I have just returned from Boston where I did work for the Unitarian Universalist Association once again. It was a nostalgic trip this time since it is the last meeting I swill attend at the historic "25 Beacon Street" headquarters. And it is the last time I will stay at the bed and breakfast where UUA committee members lodge when they are working for the denomination. Even though these buildings have only been headquarters since 1927, somehow they seem to represent the much longer history that Unitarians and Universalists have had in Boston. Perhaps it is because they are part of Beacon Hill which, of course, has been a major location for our country since before its inception.

I am not one to feel bereft when the time comes to move on from one location to another -- I know my memories will remain intact no matter where the groups I am part of may move. It was wonderful to share stories with the others I was working with, and those memories stay part of our individual and group histories no matter what. I do think that we enrich our lives by caring about our personal histories and that of our affiliations, and I definitely believe we enrich each other's lives by telling those stories to one another. Our history is as rich as we choose to make it by remembering and by recounting.

The other thing that I know is true is that the groups we affiliate are real, impactful, and important not because of where they are located, but because of the people who make up the community. We are the Unitarian Universalists and as long as we identify as part of that group it will continue to exist. As long as we remember what has gone before, that too exists. The same, of course, is true of our congregation!

In the meantime, may you
Go shining,